Narukami Taiko Drumming

Listen to this awesome interview with Claire and Jessie from Narukami, a community Taiko Drumming team based in Wellington. Claire and Jessie told us about the origins and specificities of this ancient Japanese form of percussion. We’ve found out that Taiko drumming is a dynamic art form mixing music and sport, usually played in a group and sometimes combining traditional and modern musical influences.


It was really interesting to learn more about how Jessie managed to found the Narukami Taiko Drumming group in Wellington and gather people from various social and cultural backgrounds around this musical practice. Claire shared her experience as a team member, telling us how she benefited from playing Taiko drums along with other passionate team members.


We encourage you to give it a go by taking part in one of the open days regularly organised by the Narukami Taiko Drumming team. Check out their website and Facebook page to find out more about this team and Taiko drumming!


Image courtesy of Narukami Taiko Drumming and Claire.

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