Rata Studios School of Music

Last week on Zig Zag we interviewed Mark Bobb, one of the talented musicians behind Rata Studios’ new initiative: the Rata Studios School of Music. This new school open for everybody “from school age to those in retirement” offers a broad range of courses: jazz programmes, classical ensemble programme, individual lessons, vocal arts programme, rhythm workshop classes…


The courses have been designed to adapt to adults’ tempo of life, especially if they work full-time or if they have children. The adults courses are easy to fit into a schedule, fun and can be a real confidence boost! For instance, the Singcognito choir is open to adults who want to learn or refine their singing techniques and especially those who lack confidence in themselves.

Are you someone who thinks that you can’t sing, and resorts to the solitary audience of the shower? Singcognito welcomes you to join with those who feel the same.

Here are performances by some of the teachers at Rata Studios School of Music:

Leigh Jackson is organising and running the Jazz Programme.

Reuben Bradley is running courses for the Rhythm Workshops.

Image courtesy of Rata Studios.

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