Arts Acessibility and the Benefits of Art on Rehabilitation


This week Zig Zag was back on air with a really exciting show!

We talked to Richard Benge, Executive Director of Arts Access Aotearoa, a national organisation which advocates for a greater accessibility to the arts by supporting people who experience barriers to participation or whose access is limited.

Interviewing Richard was a great experience, we learned a lot about the issues and challenges surrounding art accessibility. These conversations inspired us to get engaged with causes increasing access to the arts. As radio programme makers, we decided to dedicate a few shows to exploring this topic in depth. As individuals, we would like to get involved in projects promoting arts accessibility explore the possibility of producing a documentary film on this subject matter… So watch this space!


Alpha Gallery, one of the creative spaces supporting arts accessibility.

If you want to learn more about Arts Access Aotearoa and the great work they are doing check out their website and have a look at the New Zealand Festival programme to have a look at how arts accessibility can be put into practice!

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