The Open Science Lab.

This week we welcomed Karin, Natasha and Dave into the studio, three scientists behind The Open Science Laba recent initiative focused on promoting knowledge of New Zealand´s biodiversity. Starting in 2015, the initiative operates as a not for profit pop up openlab, spreading knowledge of biodiversity in New Zealand with a particular focus on invertebrate. Indeed, the Lab´s short term goal is to “grow biodiversity awareness in all things cold-blooded and spineless.” They achieve this by arranging openlab days with schools and other organisations, such as Wellington Zoo and Otari-Wilton´s Bush, providing children and adults with the chance to sieve through leaf litter and find critters to view up close. Experts are on hand to answer questions and facilitate the use of microscopes and other equipment.

Endemic Snail

The Open Science Lab has been met with great enthusiasm from the community, they will be participating in the Wellington Space and Science Festival 2016 and have already began searching for a permanent location to host more workshops. Listen to our interview with Karin, Natasha and Dave about the challenges they faced setting up, the community response, and their passion for science, ecology and education!


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