An Experimental Generation and Wellington’s History 1

This week we chatted to Maddy, a recent science graduate from Victoria University and one of the founders of An Experimental Generation, a series of workshops exploring the changing nature of our planet and how we can respond to contemporary problems. Thus far the workshops have focused on raising awareness on issues like climate change, and how small alterations in diet and sustainable living methods can effectuate change. The first three workshops comprised of a variety of events, including film screenings, potluck dinners and quizzes designed to improve participants knowledge of the problems agriculture and fossil fuels have created in our generation.

A climate experiment

“A Climate Experiment” – The first event from An Experimental Generation.

History 1

Maori chief – Abel Tasman – James Cook – Te Pahi

Yesterday we also broadcasted the first episode of our new series on the history of Wellington. In this series, we’ll invite you to go back in time and learn more about some of the key moments of Wellington’s history. Lose yourself in a thrilling sonic landscape and let this fascinating history carry you. This first episode focused on the first explorers, the early Māori history and the European arrival in Wellington.

Red Rocks

When the great explorer Kupe left to explore the other side of Cook Strait, he was away so long that his people became worried. In despair, his daughter threw herself from the cliff tops at the southern coast onto the rocks below, which were stained with her blood. This area, with its rust-coloured stones, is know as Pari-where (Red Rocks).

Images courtesy of “An Experimental Generation“.

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