LitCrawl, Doc Drumheller and Ken Arkind!

On the 14th of November, Wellington hosted the second annual LitCrawl! The Zig Zag team was present on the scene, indulging in this celebration of art and literature! The event was held in fifteen prominent venues around Wellington, included over eighty writers, and spanned three hours with an after party in the Paramount.

Lit crawl image.jpg

We were lucky enough to catch up with Andrew Laking, a folk musician and one of the directors of Pirate and Queen Productions, the outfit behind LitCrawl. Andrew talked about the organisation of LitCrawl and the great writers he encountered in its conception.

After chatting with Andrew we headed to Wellington on Saturday afternoon to discover Litcrawl first hand! We began our Litcrawl experience on the sparse windy hilltop of Mount Victoria, where Doc Drumheller, self proclaimed Mage and Haiku expert, led a group of amateur poets down the hill towards Wellington. Along the way we were instructed to write Haikus documenting what we saw. After a strenuous forty-five minutes we finally made it to the city with a few hastily scrawled poems in our hands. We had a fantastic time checking out the various events around the city, learning about famous New Zealand writers and watching internationally acclaimed slam poets perform at Meow.

Poetry consists of trying to use words to say what cannot be said with words.

Doc Drumheller

At the after party we managed to chat to both Doc Drumheller – New Zealand Haiku expert – and Ken Arkind, an established slam poet from America. Both poets explained the difficulty with “trying to use words to say what cannot be said with words” and spoke of the passion that is inherent in all their artistic endeavors!

 Image courtesy of LitCrawl Wellington and Jay

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