Have you ever wanted to become a comedian?

Zig Zag went and asked comedy professionals how to get into comedy and break into Wellington’s comedy scene… If you have never thought of this, it’s still worth listening to our podcast! You’ll learn about what it’s like to be a comedian here and you’ll also discover surprising facts about the Wellington comedy scene…

We interviewed Vaughan King, comedian and owner of VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar as well as a bunch of talented comedians from Wellington : Savanna Calton, Alice Brine and Joel Hansby.


VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar, 60 Dixon Street, Wellington. Photo by VK’s.

After spending years touring round the world, Vaughan King decided to open his own comedy venue in Wellington. The venue appeared a few months ago and is now the only venue entirely dedicated to comedy. VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar’s weekly programme includes varied comedy styles and invites both amateur and famous comedians on stage.

Best of Welly

One of VK’s regular shows celebrates the best comedians in Wellington. I met Savanna, Alice and Joel who all took part in the Best of Welly Part 1 event on November 14th, alonside two other comedians, Daniel John Smith and Snap. They shared their experience and tips on air. To sum up their advice:

  1. Go and see comedy shows
  2. Perform at open mic comedy shows (for example, Raw Meat Monday  at The Fringe Bar)
  3. Practice and stick to it! (which may require to be insane)
Image Courtesy of VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar

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