The Angry Brigade and The Concerned Citizens Collective

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We had an amazing chat to Samuel Phillips, director of the play The Angry Brigade, and Ania Upstill who facilitated the play’s showing at 17 Tory Street.

the angry

The Angry Brigade were a left-wing revolutionary group responsible for a series of bomb attacks in England between 1970 and 1972. The group can be compared to America’s Weather Men or Germany’s Rote Armee Fraktion, though on a smaller scale. Members of The Angry Brigade were disillusioned by their political culture and institutions and sought to stimulate radical change through bombing various buildings around London.

In 2014 British playwright James Graham wrote The Angry Brigade, a play chronicling the origins of the group and the arrests two years later which brought about its end. The play humorously documents the events through the perspective of the young anarchists and the police officers pursuing them.

The Angry Brigade

After the play at 17 Tory Street

Samuel spoke about what drew him to this play, and why he considers the ideas relevant and resonating in our society.

We also spoke with Ania Upstill, a member of the Concerned Citizens Collective which operates from 17 (or 19 – unsolved debate) Tory street. The collective comprises of a diverse group of artists from around New Zealand who work together to put on public events, concerts and exhibitions. Ania gave us some insight into how the collective is run and how people can get their events shown at 17 Tory street.


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