Are we doing our bit?

This week Zig Zag had the honour to welcome Murdoch Stephens in the studio. Murdoch Stephens is the man behind the Doing Our Bit campaign, which is calling for New Zealand to double its refugee quota. He is also involved in the Lawrence & Gibson Publishing Collective and several other projects, but during last Thursday’s interview we focused on the Doing Our Bit initiative.


Refugee, at Pateka Art + Museum

Throughout 2009 and 2010 Murdoch Stephens travelled abroad in Syria and Iran. Upon returning he decided to share the pictures of his journey with the rest of New Zealand. In 2013, an exhibition took place at  PATAKA Art + Museum, showing 150 photos of people he met during his trip. This was the first step of Murdoch’s struggle for raising awareness on refugee issues. 

Observing that New Zealand’s refugee quota hasn’t increased since 1987 and that New Zealand is ranked 90th in the world on the per capita intake of refugees, Doing Our Bit fights for the NZ government to recognise these facts. The campaign has two distinct goals :

  1. Double the quota of refugees from 750 to 1500 per year ;
  2. Double refugee funding to support New Zealand’s governmental and NGO services.

Doing Our Bit

Check out Doing Our Bit’s website if you’d like to help!

Join Doing Our Bit’s Facebook page!

Image Courtesy of Doing Our Bit.

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