The 99 Crew

This week Zig Zag hosted Rob and Pete, founders of The 99 Crew, a diving club with a strong emphasis on conservation and environmental protection.

The club organizes a diverse range of events from shore dives to excursions to white island and further afield. We spoke to Rob and Pete about the clean-ups the group organizes, when a group of experienced divers  take to the sea and remove as much trash as possible from the ocean floors. The collective share strong believe in the importance of maintaining the beauty and variety of Wellington´s coastline, this is what motivated the latest clean-up in Wellington harbour.

The events are public friendly, the divers emerge with various miscellaneous items and creatures to show to the public. The last trove included huge numbers of shopping trolleys, cans, coins, plastic cups and a few cellphones and credit cards.

The crew is always happy to welcome new divers and volunteers for clean ups. It is a great opportunity to protect our coastlines in an exciting and unique way!

Check out their video footage of the latest big clean up!

Images courtesy of Rachel Innes – Frontline Photography.

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