Sustainability Trust and Barbarian Productions

An eclectic and exciting line-up for this week show!

We had the opportunity to talk to Philip Squire, CEO of Sustainability Trust in Wellington, a non-for-profit organisation based in Wellington providing practical solutions for sustainable urban living. Sustainability Trust teamed up with other organisations round New Zealand to hold a series of event called Keep A Cool World.

Sustainability Trust

Sustainability, 2 Forresters Lane, in Wellington.

 The Keep A Cool World initiative aims at raising public awareness on global warming and sharing efficient technics to fight climate change. To achieve this, the members of Keep A Cool World regularly organise free movie screenings and panel discussions in Wellington.

A surprising and amazing festival took place this week in Wellington… The Spring Uprising was held by Barbarian Productions, a socially an politically engaged theatre company that keeps growing in New Zealand. Their performances increasingly include community groups and immature performers. For example, once they opened up a bridle boutique, where people could try on dresses and chat about what marriage means to them. On the same principle, they took on the Political Cuts project, which took place a little before the General Election and people could get a free haircut in exchange of a political conversation…


Upshoots during the Spring Uprising Festival. Photo by Barbarian Productions.

The Zig Zag team took part in Upshoots, one of the events of the festival, which consisted of a series of presentations about art, social engagement and community participation. Nearly 10 people involved individually or through organisations in the Wellington community talked about their experiences, projects, challenges and difficulties. We interviewed Thomas LaHood from Barbarian Productions.

Spring Uprising was a really refreshing experience so we invite you to listen to the podcast, immerse yourself in the cosy atmosphere and hear about the people involved in Barbarian Productions and the Vogelmorn Bowling Club, an old bowling club now owned by community groups, and where the Barbarian Productions office are.

Image Courtesy of Sustainability Trust and Barbarian Productions.

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