Student Volunteer Week 11-17 April 2016

This week on Zig Zag we interviewed Scott Miller, CEO of Volunteering New Zealand, who told us about Student Volunteer Week 2016.

Running for the second year, Student Volunteer Week (SVW) is a national campaign organised by Volunteering New Zealand, which promotes and encourages student volunteering. Throughout SVW, students, educational institutions and community organisations are able to think up creative ways of celebrating and rewarding student volunteers and inspiring other students to begin volunteering. They – and you – can do this by organising events on campus, providing volunteers with recognition and awards, and by sharing positive volunteering experiences with others.


During Student Volunteer Week, an interview with a student volunteer will be broadcasted everyday on Wellington Access Radio. Make sure to tune in at 4.50pm to hear about inspiring experiences by awesome student volunteers!

If you want to find out more about Student Volunteer Week, visit Volunteering New Zealand’s website. You can follow their Facebook page to hear about some great experiences by student volunteers and take the quiz to find out what kind of student volunteer you are!


Narukami Taiko Drumming

Listen to this awesome interview with Claire and Jessie from Narukami, a community Taiko Drumming team based in Wellington. Claire and Jessie told us about the origins and specificities of this ancient Japanese form of percussion. We’ve found out that Taiko drumming is a dynamic art form mixing music and sport, usually played in a group and sometimes combining traditional and modern musical influences.


It was really interesting to learn more about how Jessie managed to found the Narukami Taiko Drumming group in Wellington and gather people from various social and cultural backgrounds around this musical practice. Claire shared her experience as a team member, telling us how she benefited from playing Taiko drums along with other passionate team members.


We encourage you to give it a go by taking part in one of the open days regularly organised by the Narukami Taiko Drumming team. Check out their website and Facebook page to find out more about this team and Taiko drumming!


Image courtesy of Narukami Taiko Drumming and Claire.

Rata Studios School of Music

Last week on Zig Zag we interviewed Mark Bobb, one of the talented musicians behind Rata Studios’ new initiative: the Rata Studios School of Music. This new school open for everybody “from school age to those in retirement” offers a broad range of courses: jazz programmes, classical ensemble programme, individual lessons, vocal arts programme, rhythm workshop classes…


The courses have been designed to adapt to adults’ tempo of life, especially if they work full-time or if they have children. The adults courses are easy to fit into a schedule, fun and can be a real confidence boost! For instance, the Singcognito choir is open to adults who want to learn or refine their singing techniques and especially those who lack confidence in themselves.

Are you someone who thinks that you can’t sing, and resorts to the solitary audience of the shower? Singcognito welcomes you to join with those who feel the same.

Here are performances by some of the teachers at Rata Studios School of Music:

Leigh Jackson is organising and running the Jazz Programme.

Reuben Bradley is running courses for the Rhythm Workshops.

Image courtesy of Rata Studios.

Inspiring stories

This week in the studio we had a chat with Charlotte Graham of Inspiring Stories, a Charitable Trust that supports young New Zealanders who want to make a difference. Inspiring Stories helps young people realise their potential through entrepreneurial training, support and mentor-ship and provision of resources. We spoke with Charlotte about what Inspiring Stories hopes to achieve and about the projects and events they have been organising over the last few years.

Inspiring stories

We also had the opportunity to chat about social entrepreneurship and what inspires young people to effectuate change! You can find out more about the organisation on their website.

Image courtesy of Inspiring Stories.

Wellington History 1900-1914: The Flourishing City

At the beginning of the 20th century, times were prosperous in the ‘the Empire City’. The amalgamation of outlying boroughs, the modernisation of the city as well as its booming cultural life greatly increased the size and prominence of Wellington.

Listen to our podcast to learn more about the wave of technological innovation, the development of theatres and the Great Strike, all of which took place between 1900 and 1914.

Image Courtesy of Old Photos NZ and Alexander Turnbull Library.

Arts Acessibility and the Benefits of Art on Rehabilitation


This week Zig Zag was back on air with a really exciting show!

We talked to Richard Benge, Executive Director of Arts Access Aotearoa, a national organisation which advocates for a greater accessibility to the arts by supporting people who experience barriers to participation or whose access is limited.

Interviewing Richard was a great experience, we learned a lot about the issues and challenges surrounding art accessibility. These conversations inspired us to get engaged with causes increasing access to the arts. As radio programme makers, we decided to dedicate a few shows to exploring this topic in depth. As individuals, we would like to get involved in projects promoting arts accessibility explore the possibility of producing a documentary film on this subject matter… So watch this space!


Alpha Gallery, one of the creative spaces supporting arts accessibility.

If you want to learn more about Arts Access Aotearoa and the great work they are doing check out their website and have a look at the New Zealand Festival programme to have a look at how arts accessibility can be put into practice!

Image courtesy of

Wellington History 1865-1900: The Modernisation of Wellington, From Town to City

Listen to our latest episode of Wellington’s history, focussing on the rapid modernisation of the city at the end of the 19th century.

During the last third of the 19th century, Wellington developed from an inchoate colonial town to the prominent ‘Empire City’. Modern urban planning, new technologies and innovative policies transformed Wellington into a major city.


If you want to find out more about Wellington’s history, check out these two websites providing a thorough history of Wellington Region:

Image Courtesy of Wellington City Council, Alexander Turnbull Library and New Zealand History.